DK Children’s Cookbook–Quick and Tasty Recipes for Young Chefs

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recipes for children DK Childrens Cookbook  Quick and Tasty Recipes for Young Chefs “Focusing on favorite meals and snacks to inspire young chefs who are ready to learn new skills, the DK Children’s Cookbook is loaded with accessible recipes. Children will learn to enjoy preparing food safely as they experiment with new flavors and have fun in the kitchen!”

Packed with eye catching graphics and “look-as-you-cook” pictures of each dish, DK Children’s Cookbook is guaranteed to inspire any kid in the kitchen. This lovely book features over 50 recipes for children, including healthy snacks, vegetarian dishes, chocolate cake, chicken curry, fruit pops, and apple pie. In addition to these delicious kid friendly recipes, the book provides full color, step-by-step instructions, plus tips for kitchen safety.

This award winning cooking book features quick and easy recipes for children. Kitchen tools, ingredients, and step-by-step directions are pictured to help kids understand how to prepare each meal. The list of ingredients has pictures with the name underneath. The formatting is clear and easy for children to understand. This recipe book supports National Curriculum for Science at Key Stage 2.

DK Children’s Cookbook is designed for kids who are nine to twelve years old. In addition to the wide range of recipes for children, this cookbook offers healthy eating tips and interesting facts about foods from around the world. Each recipe is graded with “difficulty” ratings and features detailed pictures along with basic cooking fundamentals.

From cheese and potato pockets to roasted chicken, falafel, and lasagna, DK Children’s Cookbook features a unique collection of recipes for children who are ready to learn new skills. The information is presented in a familiar and fun manner, while the recipes look simple and delicious.

Cooking with children is a great way to spend more time with your family and help your children develop new skills. With DK Children’s Cookbook, you will be surprised at how much easier mealtime can be when your toddlers are involved on the planning and preparation.

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