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cooking recipes for kids Dora and Diego Lets Cook“Just in time for the tenth anniversary of Dora the Explorer-the top-rated preschool program on commercial television-comes Dora and Diego Let’s Cook, a cookbook from Nickelodeon that gets kids safely exploring and learning in the kitchen. Guided by Dora and Diego, kids will help measure, stir, shape, and decorate 50 exciting and super-tasty recipes like Pirate Adventure Pizza Coins and Incan Quinoa Pudding-all while learning Spanish words and phrases.

These simple, delicious recipes emphasize healthful ingredients children need fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy and include a range of Latin dishes, like Benny’s Breakfast Burritos and Fiesta Trio Frittata.”

With Dora and Diego, cooking with children is easier than ever. From toddler friendly recipes to cooking instructions and nutritional facts, Dora & Diego Let’s Cook cookbook offers lots of information and creative cooking ideas for kids of all ages. This recipe book turns cooking into and exciting and educational adventure. Both English and Spanish terms are used throughout, and there are lots of illustrations and drawings accompanied by easy cookie recipes for kids.

Dora & Diego Let’s Cook cookbook features over 50 kid friendly recipes with full color photos. Children love this cookbook because the instructions are simple and easy-to-follow. Some recipes are named after the characters in the cartoons.

This cooking book is a great gift for kids who love Dora or Diego. They can learn to prepare Estrellitas, Birds’ Nests, Silly Snake Sticks, Fiesta Trio Frittata, and other kid friendly recipes. Other snacks include Rescue Kayaks in the Lake, Incan Quinoa Pudding, and Dora’s Empanadas.

The recipes are geared towards children, so they often have cute names. Many of them are Mexican or South American in inspiration, and have plenty of Spanish words. With Dora & Diego Let’s Cook cookbook, kids can keep track of which fruits and vegetables they eat on the chart featured in the back of the book.  Some recipes have menu maps or “Kids Help” icons.

If you are looking for a book that has easy dessert recipes for kids and cooking with kids recipe ideas, Dora and Diego, Let’s Cook should be on your list.

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